YES! You can use a recycled plastic Bottle Cap to Scrub your Pots, Pans, Dishes, Cooktops, etc.

Compare to a Scrub Brush… GoScRUBTM:

GoScRUB Works Much Faster than a scrub brush on tough build-up

GoScRUB Saves Money – it is about 1/10 the cost of a scrub brush

GoScRUB is Better for the Environment than a scrub brush – less waste

GoScRUB is More Effective than a scrub brush it lifts and peels off the debris

GoScRUB Cleans Easily and is much more sanitary than a scrub brush

GoScRUB Lasts 10x Longer than a scrub brush (or more)

GoScRUB allows your Scrub Pads to Last Much Longer

Dishwasher safe – Safe on cool non-stick cookware



$11.95 +S&H


Offer Details:
You will receive two GoScRUB™ handles for flat items – one for the Kitchen and one for the Garage. You will also receive one special GoScRUB™ handle for deep, hard to reach surfaces like the inside bottom of tall pots, for a total of three GoScRUB™ handles. In addition you will receive three plastic bottle caps to get you started.
GoScRUB™ is a handle to hold a PLASTIC bottle cap. GoScRUB™ can be used to enable a plastic bottle cap to be a scrubbing surface for cleaning plates, pots, pans, and a variety of other indoor and outdoor surfaces. You should always test an inconspicuous area first before risking damage to any surface. When the edges of the bottle cap become dulled replace the cap to have a fresh edge for scraping and scrubbing. GoScRUB™ is intended to save you money and to be good for the planet by reducing waste in the landfills. Since GoScRUB is such a green product we have chosen to accept small blemishes in production runs as long as they would not be the cause of structural failure. We are so confident of our quality that we offer a 10-year limited Warranty! Please see the limited warranty details.

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